Valentine Day Tips

How any man can be a Valentines Hero.

How any man can be a Valentines Hero


Make a list of the Top Ten things you love about her


Maybe it’s the way she always laughs at your corny jokes or maybe you love the way her eyes light up when you say “Honey, why don’t you let me do the dishes tonight.” Type it up and print it out on a nice piece of stationary or parchment paper and put it in a frame so she can read them often.


Give her some time and space


Give her a couple of hours to spend any way she wants ~ ideally just indulging herself. Encourage her to take a warm bubble bath, watch an episode of “Dancing with the stars” or catch up on reading her favorite book or magazines.


Make promises you can keep


Are there things you could do for her that would be helpful and make her life a little easier? Then promise to do some of those things. Such as promise to check the oil, washer fluid and air pressure in tires at least once a month for the next year. Or promise to take the garbage out BEFORE it overflows. Little gestures mean a lot.

 Go back in time


Maybe it was your first date or maybe it was your fiftieth, but I am sure you can remember a very special date you had. Granted it may not be possible to totally reenact your date, but you may have some pictures to help you reminisce the moment together.

Create a Chocolate Treasure Hunt


Now I would be remiss if I didn’t include a little chocolate something for Valentines Day, so why not make it a romantic adventure? Hide some chocolate kisses throughout the house. Start by giving her a note with a clue on it to find the first kiss, put another clue with it on finding the next one and so on.

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Ambrane Power Bank

Best Power Bank For Multipurpose

Ambrane is leading edge developers for providing the power bank. It is the best power bank brand in India. Hence it manufactured held in 2012.

While people live in the digital world and are using the digital product such as Ambrane power bank 10000 mAH.

Whenever you travel for long distance and go in hilly areas there is a problem of the low battery of Smartphone hence at that time Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH is the best solution for everyone.

Ambrane power bank 10000 mAH is used for the portable cell phone battery charging, digital camera, and media player tablet.

It available in jet black color with light weighted design. Ambrane Company provides one year warranty on this power bank.

It is more amazing and it’s addition features makes it worthy at the low rate. So you will get definitely 100% result without any doubt than another power bank.

ambrane-power-bank-10000-ma-1-300x142                     ambrane-power-bank-10000-ma-1-300x142

Specification of Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH


  • Brand- Ambrane
  • Model-P-1111 10000 mAh


  • Battery capacity- 10000 (mAh)Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH
  • Type- Lithium-ion


  • No. of ports-2
  • Type- Micro USB


  • Input-5V
  • Output-5V


  • Body Material-Plastic
  • Weight -300 gram
  • Color-Black
  • Dimensions-140.7 x 62.3 x 22
  • Shape-Elongated Octagonal

Features of Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH

Battery  Ambrane power bank 10000 mAH takes around 12 to 13 hours to charge completely by a standard mobile charger.Therefore it’s battery is long lasting.

Overcharge protection – Hence there are no chances of battery bursting due to overcharged.

Short circuit Protection – Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH contains the protection circuit to prevent the loop which quickly damages the battery. Therefore chances of the short circuit are less.

LED indicators – It shows the life of power bank.Therefore we get alerted for charging.

 Overcurrent Protection – It includes the protection from overloads. Due to this protection, there are the fewer chances of fuse or damage the circuit. When current exceed the maximum then it automatically switches off itself.

LED Flashlight – It gives the indication of battery charging of mobile phone, digital camera and also multimedia tablet according to the percentage (low, medium and full)

Design – The Elongated Octagonal shape of power bank weight 300 grams and also it available in jet black color. This color makes the eye-catching design.

Advantages of Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH


  • It is Cheaper than other 10000 Mah power banks.
  • It has 1-year manufacturer warranty also cost-free service.
  • Ambrane is the good setup power bank brand
  • Different types of circuit protection.
  • Efficiency is somewhat more as compared to other power banks.
  • slimmest power bank 10000 mah
  • So it required the compact space.

    Instructions Of Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAH

  • So always keep the power bank away from heat sources.
  • Do not drop or impact the power bank.
  • Do not solder and puncture the power bank.
  • Keep the power bank dry from water.
  • Always keep the power bank out of reach the small child, in order to avoid swallowing of power bank.


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