Parents Countdown to College Coach

Test Stress Relief Tips for Students


Nowadays a lot of kids feel pressured during their academics. Even junior high school students and kids feel stressed about school and it happens especially before the Test. For getting good college requires high grades.

Following are the quick tips that offer fast relief and you should try it to minimize your stress.

  • Study Better, Not Harder
  • Just chill out and relax, relax, relax
  • Go Low Tech


Is Distance Learning Right For You?


When it comes to studying the most typical method we take is to go to a college, university or similar school and just learn. We speak to our lecturer, teacher, or advisor and we learn from them.

You get an equal level of education studying from home, don’t pay as much because of no travel cost and resources are readily available online, and you don’t have to rent a student accommodation or move closer to your campus. The best part is you can study in your own time. You can study whenever you have the time meaning it’s great if you also work from home or have a job.

  • There is a lot to study
  • There are some downsides
  • You have to be self-motivated


5 Things to Check Before You Plan To Study Abroad

Teacher stood at front of classroom

Education, as a sector, has brought down the walls of geographical confinement that the industry as well as the growth of student and academics in general. Now there is a time to consider foreign education because it opens up the world for you to enjoy the best educational infrastructure and career opportunities.

The three most important considerations for any foreign education are-

  • Timing
  • Course
  • University
  • Cost


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